Financial Increase University Presents:

The Ultimate Workshop for Breaking the Spirit of Poverty, Healing Your Money Stories, and Rethinking the Meaning of Wealth!

A 3-Hour Workshop for People Who Are Seeking Bible Based Principles to Deepen their Understanding and Achieve their Next Level of Increase.

Monday April 8th
4-7pm PST*


What’s it all about?

This event is designed to show how to break cycles keeping you stuck from your next level of financial breakthrough. 

While you’ve experienced some progress, you have so many unreached goals, and in your heart you know you are capable of so much more. 

At some point, you began feeling financially and energetically stuck in your journey.

Progression slowed and doubt and mental blocks crept in. 

Well now it’s time to boldly activate your life into your next level of financial increase and overflow! 

It’s time to get unstuck.

It’s time to unlock your confidence.

And it’s time to step into your next level of increase! 

And we’re going to show you how!

What you’ll do in this workshop

And You Will Be Able to ….

Plus, discover methods that will increase your capacity to receive more without guilt or shame attached to it!

Monday April 8th
4-7pm PST*

How Can This Event Change Your Life?

Let’s be real, you know deep down you have the ability to be unstoppable in pursuit of your next level. 

Yet, you find yourself held back for reasons you can’t pin point but you know are keeping you in a cycle of feeling stuck! 

What if you didn’t have feel this way…

What if you were closer to breakthrough than you thought you were? 

And what if I told you, we may have the key to helping you courageously drop the struggle and step into your next level of breakthrough and greatness. 

Because in this workshop, we are going to be revealing how you uproot behaviors and mindset that no longer serve you so can step into in attainable next levels of increase!

We’re going to help you break free of old habits and distractions that erase your progress. 

And you know what else? We are going to show you how all of this inner breakthrough is tied to your finances so you can finally lift the lid off your growth. 


So if you’re ready….

Your Host,

Adam Flores

Adam and the FIU team take a comprehensive approach to helping families get ahead financially, as his work focuses on behavior, budgeting, income strategies, and elevating your money mindset for increase and overflow. Adam has been coaching people for over a decade on how to breakthrough financially in tough economic times. He doesn’t believe every person is destined to be rich but Adam does believe everyone can get ahead by breaking the spirit of poverty and learning winning financially principles. That’s what Adam and team are here to do…not just teach you about money but rather help you become a person of INCREASE so you can experience overflow.

Audrey Dukes

Audrey Dukes is a passionately dedicated to guiding others in transforming their relationship with money. With a deep understanding of the power of mindset and the impact of personal narratives on financial well-being, Audrey is committed to helping individuals heal their money stories and cultivate a healthy financial mindset.

Drawing from personal experiences and a keen interest in the intersection of psychology and finance, Audrey has developed a unique approach to unraveling and reshaping limiting beliefs around money. Through a combination of introspective exercises, practical strategies, and compassionate guidance, Audrey empowers others to break free from self-imposed financial limitations and embrace abundance, overflow and Increase. 


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