Congrats on getting access to our next “Heal Your Money Stories” workshop! Watch this video for next steps…

Step 1

You should have received an email calendar invite for the workshop so that the date and time is booked in your calendar, along with your Zoom link to attend. Having the workshop blocked out in your calendar will prevent you from missing out as we will be LIVE! 

Step 2

Please come with your camera on, notepad ready, and distractions aside as we will take a deep dive into healing your money stories so we can unlock the increase and overflow that is meant for you.

Step 3

You’ll be receiving reminder emails and texts leading up to the workshop. If anything changes and you can’t make it, please reply to the message to let us know!

Once again huge congrats on booking your virtual ticket to our “Heal Your Money Stories” workshop where you’ll get access to a world of new possibilities.

We look forward to see you on soon!