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Where Do I Even Begin?

Let’s face it — you already know you need a plan in place to reach your financial goals, but after trying every other “expert” system out there, you don’t even know what to try or where to look anymore? 

That’s Where “Financial Increase University” Comes In. 

Other programs focus on what you need to take out of your life to make your plan work. But, we focus on an all-in-one financial transformation that starts from the inside out… 

We address “why” you spend in the first place, then create a plan for debt elimination by focusing on income increase, NOT decreasing your quality of life. When you become debt-free, you can then turn around and start investing for your future!

The Secret To Financial Transformation Starts With A Plan

Only 30% of American households have a long-term financial plan and are planning for their future… And 70% of those same Americans say bad spending habits is their #1 financial weakness.

Without FIU
With FIU

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Why Financial Increase University?

In my own life, I witnessed the unrelenting grip of poverty within my family, as my single mother tearfully faced mounting bills–a perpetuating generational cycle that I was determined to break. 

To escape this pattern, I embarked on a journey of financial self-discovery, eventually coaching others for over 15 years, helping families collectively generate more household income through a variety of different income strategies. 

However, I soon realized that financial success required a much more comprehensive approach, encompassing behaviors, budgeting, income strategies, investments, and the often-overlooked element of protection. 

From this journey and the wisdom gained, Financial Increase University emerged, offering individuals a comprehensive path to not only break free from financial struggles but to thrive and transform vision into reality, making financial success an attainable goal. 

– Adam Flores

Financial Increase University Gives You Everything You Need To Get Out of Debt, Grow Your Income, And Build A Secured And Fulfilling Financial Future All In One Convenient Spot!

Financial Increase University Teaches…

How To Root Out Destructive Spending Behaviors

Most programs go straight into telling you to “cut up your credit cards” and what you need to remove in order to make your budget happen. The problem that this approach fails to address is why people struggle in the first place…

Which are the destructive habits and behaviors that drive spending. Before you are ready to implement any budget plan, these behaviors and habits are foundational to uproot first!

With Financial Increase University, you can…

Financial Increase University Teaches…

The “Law of Zero”

“You make 100% of the money you don’t spend” 

Have a fail proof budget system in place that keeps you from spending money that’s outside of the budget. With the right boundaries in place, you can finally have more structure (and freedom) around your spending!

With Financial Increase University, you can…

Financial Increase University Teaches…

Get A Clear Gameplan

Most programs make you plan for retirement ONLY and don’t consider other goals and investments you want to achieve in the near future. 

But what we focus on is how you can experience INCREASE TODAY – while still being prepared for overflow tomorrow!

That’s why we have a gameplan strategy to help you map out the road to getting ahead and building a predictable financial futre.

With Financial Increase University, you can…

Financial Increase University Teaches…

How To Eliminate Debt (WITHOUT Sacrificing Living)

You may be thinking, “yeah, yeah, yeah, no spending…ever!” Most programs make you sacrifice life: coffee, movies, fun, until you pay off all debt…

But what we focus on is INCREASE – ways to bring in more income with part time opportunities alongside your other job.

Because right now, we are in an economy where saving is not enough, we need to be able to bring in more income in order to survive and thrive in this economy.

With Financial Increase University, you can…

Financial Increase University Teaches…

Strategic Investments With Your New Cash Reserves

Now that you have eliminated all of your debt, started saving, and have a growing cash cushion. It’s now time to multiply! This may be where you want to grow a stock and crypto portfolio, open up an IRA or Roth and eventually diversify your assets with Real Estate, but you don’t really know where to start…

That’s why we’re going to educate you on exactly how money works, so that you can be able to move your money into assets that are going to help develop wealth for generations to come based on proven values and principles.

With Financial Increase University, you can…

Financial Increase University Gives You Everything You Need To Financially Succeed

($7 trial for 14-days then $67/mo. Cancel anytime) No contracts. Cancel anytime.

We even set this up so that Financial Increase University will pay for itself. 

We’re going to find the money within your budget. So, instead of thinking about this as an “expense,” think about the hundreds or thousands of dollars that you are going to be saving yourself every month…

For ONLY $67/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t make live sessions, you can login to the back office and watch the recording which is typically posted within 24-48 hours.

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to go through the curriculum together so that you are all on the same page!

If you are single, the principles are just as powerful and the program is easier to implement as you’ll have less moving parts since you are not co-managing finances with a partner.

In FIU we have a success path for you to follow as believe success has order. You’ll be supported with live classes, workshops, live community to recognize and celebrate your progress, along with powerful tools to help you accelerate and get ahead.

Yes! FIU can still help you as it will give you the budgeting system to free more money for investing, provide you more income ideas for side money, and also give you some ideas on how you grow your money to make the most of what you are bringing home.

Yes! You can get your membership for free through are partner program. Once you become a member we can give you access to your links to share with others.

This does not work for those who already are debt free, have a budget in place that is working, not looking for additional side income, and have advanced level of investing experience and expertise.

You may find money in your budget in the first 24-72 hours and have your plan to get out of debt. The area that takes more time is learning how to get the mindset and tools to earn additional income (if you choose too), and getting your investments set up for success.

Our financial success path is in the back office along with our money mindset series, so you can go through it at your own pace, play it on the way to work, or even on the go.

We find a lot of Ramsey methods have great principles and values, however the financial times have changed and we don’t believe in teaching “no credit cards” and “cash in envelope” systems in a time where the world is digital. Also, you can’t save your way in this economy, you have to make more. For that reason, you need to have a mindset for increase and we find many other budget programs encourage scarcity in order to save and get ahead. Thats why FIU is in a category of its own.

Let our team know and we can guide you in supporting small groups online or in your community.

Uproot Destructive Behaviors and Mindsets Around Money, Get Access To A Budget Plan WITHOUT an Outdated “Money in Envelopes” Method, and A Gameplan to Increase Your Family’s Finances So You Can Finally Get Ahead.

($7 trial for 14-days then $67/mo. Cancel anytime)